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Dimensions are necessary to calculate the volumetric weight: the space occupied by your parcel on an aircraft rather than the actual weight.
(*)The sum of the dimensions must be lower than 150cm AND no dimension must be greater than 100cm. Find out more

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With Happy-Post, take advantage of the best prices and solutions for sending your parcels to the USA

You need to send a parcel to the USA to a relative or a customer? Happy-Post is the solution that allows you to ship at the best price an order to Los Angeles, New-York, Chicago, Washington or anywhere else in the USA from Belgium.

Depending on the weight of your parcel to be sent to the United States, the website offers you delivery with or without tracking, and even express delivery if you wish. You can also choose to drop off your package at a business near you, or request a home pickup.

Delivery times are displayed directly after your search, they vary according to the different transport solutions in the United States. Be careful to note the holidays specific to the United States in the calculation of this time.

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Rules for shipping your package to the United States

  • Your shipment to the USA must not exceed 20kg
  • Each of the dimensions of your package (length, width or height) must not exceed 100cm
  • You cannot send a package to the US with a perimeter greater than 150cm
  • Special conditions may apply to the goods, please consult our advice
To send your package to the United States, you must respect some specific customs rules. You can consult our page dedicated to prohibited or regulated goods. Before preparing and sending your package to the United States, don't forget our packing recommendations to ensure that your package arrives in the best conditions in the United States.
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Shipping your package to the United States or worldwide has never been so easy and cheap ! At Happy-Post, we offer shipping solutions at the best price and for everyone: e-merchants, small businesses and individuals. According to your need, send an order, send a sample or send a gift, you will be able to choose rates and delivery times that fit your needs.
You want to send a large parcel or you have large volumes to ship to the United States? Contact our team, we will find a specific solution for you!

With a vast and diverse population of over 322 million people, the United States represents an important market for French e-commerce. Indeed, the American economy is one of the most important of the planet and with the interest of the Americans for the French products, the USA remains an area not to be missed. Remember also to take advantage of the strong commercial periods: Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Independence Day... to send packages to the USA.

With the explosion of online sales, it has become essential to find cheap delivery solutions and to ensure that customers can receive the products ordered online in a fast and reliable way. With Happy-Post, you can take advantage of numerous solutions for sending your packages anywhere in the United States from as little as $15.40.

Send a package to the United States AND anywhere in the world!

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