The rules concerning your parcels

There are some considerations to be taken into account before the parcel can be shipped. To start off, check that the contents of your parcel comply with the list of products defined in prohibited items (non-exhaustive list of prohibited products: dangerous, dirty or prohibited products, money and valuables, fresh non-food products).

longueur hauteur largeur du colis

The dimensions and weight of your parcel


There are 3 rules to follow regarding dimensions and weight to prepare your parcel:

  1. The weight of your parcel must be less than or equal to 20kg (FR) and 15 Kg (UK)
  2. The perimeter of the parcel, i.e. Length + Height + Width, must be less than 1.50m (L + H + W <150cm)
  3. Each of length height and width should be less than 1 meter (L and W and H <100cm


emballage de colis

Volumetric weight

What is that ?

Happy-Post strictly applies all transport rules, including the rule on volumetric weight. Volumetric weight is used to express the space occupied by the parcel (for example in an airplane). Thus, 1 kilo of lead and 1 kilo of feathers will not be equal when considering their volumetric weight. The first will weigh a kilo when the second can be billed for several kilos! Depending on the destination, the weight of a parcel is determined based on the volumetric weight and not just its actual weight.


Calculation and application of volumetric weight

To calculate volumetric weight you need to use the following formula : (Length x Height x width in cm) / 5000. The result is in Kg. 


To calculate the shipping fare of your parcel, Happy-Post will apply the volumetric weight, depending on the destinations, if the volumetric weight is higher than the actual weight

solution calage protection colis

It is essential to pack your parcel well


Here are some tips on packaging to make sure that your parcel arrives at its destination in good condition:

  • Pack your products in a cardboard box or neutral packaging so as not to attract curiosity

  • Choose a box adapted to the weight and dimensions of your items

  • Secure your products in the box and / or reduce its size as much as possible to avoid empty spaces and protect against possible external shocks

  • Avoid handles, strings and staples to facilitate handling

For more details, you can consult our page How to properly pack your parcel?

documentation colis pour expédition

Last step: the documentation to ship your parcel

Your parcel is now packed. Before sending it, you must attach the necessary documentation for its shipment:

  • The transport label can be downloaded from your Happy-Post account when your order has been validated.

  • Print this label and check that its legible. To allow for easy reading and efficient detection make sure the barcodes are not cut.

  • Cut out the label for the parcel (the right half of the printed sheet) and glue it flat on the side of the parcel. Tape the 4 sides of the label without hiding the bar code

  • For international destinations, you must print the three copies of the proforma invoice and stick them on your parcel in a plastic sleeve.
  • If, depending on the country of destination, your shipment is accompanied by an attestation, statement, permit, license or certificate, it is your responsibility and the recipients to obtain the correct documents. Include these documents with the invoice in duplicate copies. Pack the documents related to the shipment in a tranparent bag or pouch outisde the package, (invoice, certificates, statements, shipping label)  NEVER in the shipment. This makes these documents easier
    be checked.