MultiParcel (MasterColis) Solution

Happy-Post offers you its MultiParcel (MasterColis) solution for your shipments all over the world.  Enjoy benefits for your shipments with two parcels or more to United States, Europe or to the rest of the world. Sending your parcels internationally just got easier and more economical.


What is MultiParcel (MasterColis)?


It is an innovative method of grouping your parcels together to reduce both cost and delivery times. To put it simply - it is a large box (masterbox/mastercolis) which contains all your different parcels, and you just drop off this large box at the drop-off point.


As a result, you get the benefit of being able to send several parcels to one or more destinations in an easy way - simplifying your parcel drop-off, reducing your shipping times and also reducing your shipping costs!


How to take advantage of MultiParcel (MasterColis)?


It's easy ! Go to Send a parcel, and configure your parcels. MultiParcel (MasterColis) will be offered to you before payment for your order if your basket is eligible. The eligibility rules for the MultiParcel (MasterColis) offer are:

  • At least 2 parcels in the basket (all destinations combined)
  • The deposit method must be identical for each parcel (In France, MultiParcel (MasterColis) only works with Chronopost Pickup, Mondial Relay deposit and Colis Privé deposit).
  • Please note: MultiParcel (MasterColis) is not available for deliveries to pickup-points.

Remember to check beforehand that all of your parcels can be integrated into a large box that meets our conditions on the dimensions and weight of the parcels. If your box exceeds the dimensions, it will be refused.


How to properly prepare your masterbox (mastercolis) for this solution?


Once your order has been confirmed, you can print the following documents, they are available in your customer area:

  • a label for the masterbox (mastercolis)

  • a label for each parcel

  • proforma invoices for your parcels destined for international destinations and overseas departments and territories


The different steps :

  1. Prepare each parcel by optimizing the packaging. You can see our recommendations for sending your parcels on the How to properly pack your parcel?
  2. Stick shipping labels on each parcel and Proforma invoices if applicable.
  3. Place the different parcels in the large box. Remember to secure them and optimize the space to avoid any incident during transport.
  4. Drop off the masterbox (mastercolis) at your drop-off point!

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