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To make it easier for you to understand our services, whether you are a Parcel Shipper or Recipient, you will find the answers to the questions you may have below.

Delivery to a Point of Deposit

  • What is a Point of Deposit ?

The point of deposit is a local store that collects and distributes parcels.

  • What types of products can I have delivered to a Point of Deposit ?

All non-perishable, non-dangerous and legally authorized products with a perimeter less than 1.5 meters (Length + width + Height) and whose maximum length does not exceed 1 meter.

  • How long does the Point of Deposit keep my parcel?

First, you are informed of the availability of your parcel as soon as it is delivered to the Drop-off Point. The merchant then keeps it at your disposal for 14 days. After this period, the parcel is returned to the sender (distance selling / e-commerce brand or individual).

  • What are the opening hours of the Deposit Points ?

Les Points de Dépôt sont des commerces de proximité (pressing, presse, fleuriste,…) principalement ouverts du mardi au samedi avec des plages horaires qui varient de 8h à 21h en fonction de leur activité et de leur localisation (zone urbaine ou rurale). Vous pourrez choisir le Point de Dépot et consulter les horaires lors de la configuration de votre envoi.

  • How to collect my parcel ?

After showing an identity document, the merchant will give you your parcel. You will confirm the reception with an electronic signature.

  • How do I know that my parcel has arrived ?

If you have chosen an offer with parcel tracking, you can track it on our site by clicking here.

  • Where are the Deposit Points located ?

There are more than 4,300 Points Relais® in the Mondial Relay network. You can easily locate these Deposit Points on our website from an address or a postal code.

  • My parcel has returned to the sender, how can I get it back ?

Unfortunately, we cannot intercept your parcel. We invite you to contact the sender to arrange a new shipment.

  • I went to the Point of Deposit but my parcel is not there. Who do I speak to ?

If you know your parcel number, you can consult the parcel tracking on our website under "Track my Parcel". Otherwise, contact our customer service on on the form or by e-mail at

  • I am waiting for a parcel at my Point of Deposit, but it is closed. How will I collect my parcel ?

If the Point of Deposit remains closed, contact our customer service on the form or by e-mail at who will help you collect your parcel as soon as possible.

  • I have chosen a Point of Deposit for my delivery. My parcel has arrived at another Point of Deposit. Why ?

    At the time of preparing your order, the chosen Point of Deposit was no longer able to receive your order (occasional closure, various impediments, etc.). The sender (e-merchant or individual) has chosen to send your parcel to the nearest Point of Deposit.

Home delivery

  • What types of products can I have delivered to my home ?

All non-perishable, non-dangerous and legally permitted products. The perimeter of the parcel must be less than 1.5 meters (Length + Width + Height) and the maximum length must not exceed 1 meter.

  • What happens if I am not present at home at the time of delivery ?

A transit advice note is filed with the telephone numbers of the agency or the post office to contact to arrange a new meeting. If you do not call the agency, the parcel will be returned to the sender after 10 days.

  • What if I haven't received a transit advice note?

The delivery person will contact you to arrange an appointment and deliver your parcel to you.

  • Should I pay customs taxes ?

When shipping a parcel happens outside the European Union or overseas departments and territories, customs charges may apply. These charges apply depending on the contents of your parcel.

  • Can I refuse my delivery ?

Yes, in this case the parcel is returned to the sender.

  • What precautions should I take during delivery ?

At the receipt of your order, it is important to make sure that your parcel has not been damaged during transport. This check must be done at the time of delivery and in the presence of the driver.

  • My parcel is damaged.

You must indicate your reservations on the delivery slip of the delivery person. Then, you must notify our customer service on the form or by e-mail at

If you want to submit a claim, you must complete a claim file by following the information described on the Parcel Compensation Claim page.



  • My email address / phone number has changed. What should I do to be informed at the right address, at the right number ?

Happy-Post receives notification information from the sender (e-merchant or individual), we invite you to communicate your new data to them. When you next order happens, this will enable us to inform you at the right address / number.

  • I have not been notified of the arrival of my parcel. Why ? 

The information sent by the sender (e-merchant or individual) to Happy-Post may be incorrect. We invite you to contact the sender and notify him of any change in your contact details.