What is the delivery process of a parcel with Happy-Post?

Shipping a parcel can be complex to understand. When you ship a parcel to the USA or the UK, for example, your parcel may pass through different platforms and be handled by different people. Below we show you all the steps involved in delivering your parcel with Happy-Post.

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How does the Happy-Post parcel service service operate?

When you order a parcel shipment on Happy-Post.com, you will have the choice between several offers featuring a collection solution and a delivery solution. But did you know that the Happy-Post parcel shipping offer is made up of 3 parts: collection, processing and delivery of your parcels?

Collecting your parcels

This is the routing of the parcel from your home to our parcel processing platform (Happy-Post hub).  When you place your order, you will have the choice between 4 solutions for this stage: Mondial Relay, Colis Privé and Chronopost Relais or Home collection.

Your parcels will pass through the networks and hubs of these partners until delivery in the Happy-Post hub. These partners are responsible for delivering the parcels only to our platform. They are not the ones who will deliver the parcel to your recipient.

The delivery times here depend on your choice, from 1 to 5 working days. These times are included in the delivery time given as an indication on the website when you order.


The processing of your parcels on the Happy-Post platform

At this stage, we have received your parcels on our hub. Our teams will check your parcel (weight and dimensions). Please remember when ordering to respect the rules on the weight and dimensions of your parcel to avoid any regularisation.

After these checks, a new transport label is stuck on your parcel, allowing your parcel to be sent to its final destination. This label contains all the information you declared when ordering on the site.

In general, your parcel is processed the same day or the next day after receipt.


Delivery of your parcels

This is the last step: the delivery of the parcel from our platform to its final destination. Depending on your destination, your parcel can :
  • be sent directly to the destination country (EU country)
  • transit via our hub in Brussels before being forwarded to its destination

The parcels are transported by truck or by plane depending on the destination.

Once the parcel has arrived at its destination and customs clearance has been completed, the parcel arrives at the hub of the final carrier (local post office or distributor) before being delivered to your recipient.


How do I track the delivery of the parcel?

On Happy-Post you can track your parcel every step of the way: from the generation of the label to the final delivery of the parcel.
It's easy to do. You can go to our tracking page and indicate the number of your parcel (it starts with 1).

Do not hesitate to give this information to your recipient so that he can also follow the delivery of his parcel.