Parcel delivery comparator: a practical and smart tool

Due to the multitude of parcel carriers present in the market, it is particularly complex to compare all offers and make an informed decision.

However, using a parcel shipping comparator is an ideal solution to help you find the best offers for sending your parcels.

Discover why and how to use a parcel shipping comparator, as well as the benefits of choosing Happy-Post to handle your future deliveries.

What is a parcel shipping comparator?

A parcel shipping comparator is an online tool that allows you to compare parcel shipping services offered by different carriers.

By using an online parcel shipping comparator, you can obtain detailed information on several offers in just a few clicks. The rates, delivery times, insurance options, and delivery conditions of each carrier are clearly and precisely indicated.

How to use a parcel comparator?

To use a parcel shipping comparator to find the best carrier, it is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Search for a parcel comparator via your search engine and select the one that best meets your needs.
  2. Then enter the information about your parcel: the countries of departure and destination, dimensions, and weight.
  3. Analyze and compare the different carrier offers.
  4. Select the carrier that offers the most suitable offer for your needs.
  5. Reserve your shipment on the carrier's website and pay the amount requested for the shipment of your parcel.
  6. Prepare your parcel and entrust it to your carrier.
  7. Follow the progress of your delivery through the carrier's online tracking tool.

Note that it is important to select the offer from the carrier of your choice via the online comparison site. This allows you to benefit from generally more advantageous rates. After selecting the offer, you are redirected directly to the carrier's website to continue your order.

Why use an international parcel shipping comparator?

An international parcel shipping comparator is a practical and smart tool. Whether you are an individual sending a gift to a loved one or an e-commerce merchant shipping orders worldwide, you are guaranteed to get the best market conditions.

Its use has many advantages, regardless of your profile.

Knowing all delivery services

By using an international parcel shipping comparator, you have a wide choice of experienced and recognized carriers for the quality of their services.

When you do research yourself, it is likely that you will limit your comparison to two or three carriers. In addition, you may miss out on very attractive offers from delivery companies that are less well known than industry leaders.

Choosing the best value for money

One of the main selection criteria when selecting a carrier is the price, or rather the value for money. With a parcel shipping comparator, you get a clear list indicating the prices and services offered by each carrier. This allows you to compare all proposals in a few seconds and choose the one with the best value for money.

Moreover, most parcel shipping comparators have partnerships with carriers. They can offer you more advantageous prices to send your parcel.

Getting information on all offers on the market

Carriers offer personalized offers to meet the specific needs of their customers. However, it is difficult to become aware of all available options without using an international parcel shipping comparator.

In just a few clicks, the parcel comparator allows you to have an overview of the services offered by several carriers. The services and options offered are diverse and varied: express delivery, compensation option, collection of your parcel at home, etc.

Saving time

Finally, an international parcel shipping comparator is an ideal tool to save you time. Indeed, you can quickly obtain tailor-made offers according to the characteristics of your shipment (destination, weight, dimensions, etc.).

Without using a comparator, you must find several carriers online and enter the information about your shipment on each site to obtain a detailed offer.

Best parcel carrier: Discover all the benefits with Happy-Post

Happy-Post is the ideal carrier for sending your parcels within France and internationally. Simplicity, speed, and reliability: Happy-Post makes your life easier and allows you to send all your parcels with peace of mind!

Tailored services to suit all profiles

Happy-Post offers a complete range of parcel collection and delivery services worldwide. We provide quality support for individuals, e-commerce businesses, and small to medium-sized enterprises for sending their parcels.

With Happy-Post, you have a choice of several options to get the offer that best suits your needs and budget:

  • Drop-off your parcel at the relay point of your choice
  • Collection of your parcel at home by a Chronopost driver
  • Real-time tracking of your delivery
  • Direct import of your orders from your e-commerce platforms
  • Grouping of several individual parcels into a single container
  • Premium delivery for a fast service
  • Extension of compensation, etc.

Competitive prices

In order to make parcel delivery accessible to everyone internationally, we strive to offer some of the lowest prices on the market.

If price is a particularly important factor for you, you can adjust the delivery options to get an offer that fits your budget.

Fast deliveries within France and worldwide

Happy-Post is a brand of the international delivery platform IMX France, which has been active in the postal market since 1989. We can rely on a powerful network of international partners to ensure fast and secure deliveries worldwide.

From the collection of your parcel to its delivery to the recipient, you can rely on the expertise and network of experienced partners of Happy-Post!