Mondial Relay Shopify: information about this partnership

The well-known e-commerce platform Shopify has been working with Mondial Relay for several years to offer its users an easy-to-use and affordable relay point delivery solution.
Find out all you need to know about the Mondial Relay Shopify partnership. We will detail the advantages and disadvantages of this delivery offer.

Mondial Relay and Shopify: an introduction to the two brands

The Mondial Relay and Shopify brands have both become essential for many individuals and online sales professionals.

Shopify: leader in the creation of e-commerce shops

Founded in 2006, Shopify is a Canadian company specialising in e-commerce. It is an e-commerce platform, used by more than 1.7 million merchants worldwide, that helps entrepreneurs create their own online shop quickly and easily.
In practice, the Shopify solution provides all the tools needed to market products and services online in a single interface against payment of a monthly fee.

Mondial Relay: a key player in parcel delivery in France

Mondial Relay is a French company specialising in parcel delivery in France and Europe. Although the brand also offers a home delivery service, it has positioned itself in the market as the leader in relay point delivery.
With more than 45,000 relay points in Europe and 15,000 relays and lockers in France, e-tailers and shoppers can take advantage of a delivery service that combines low cost, security, flexibility and speed.


Shopify relay point parcel delivery: the benefits

Parcel delivery with Mondial Relay from Shopify includes many advantages over a traditional home delivery service.

Preferential rates

The main advantage of Shopify parcel delivery at a relay point is the lower price than a home delivery. This price reduction is mainly due to the fact that carriers have to use fewer resources by delivering all parcels to a few specific relay points.

A flexible and secure delivery service

Relay points are generally businesses with extended opening hours, including weekends. This gives recipients a great deal of flexibility, as they can collect their parcels when it suits them best. Home delivery avoids the need to travel, but delivery times are generally restrictive.
As well as being more flexible, delivery to a relay point offers greater security for parcels. Rather than being left on the doorstep or in the letterbox in the event of an unsuccessful home delivery, parcels are stored in a safe place.

More environmentally friendly delivery

Parcel delivery at a relay point also offers certain advantages in terms of ecology compared with home delivery.
This is because relay points allow parcels from several senders to be grouped together in a single location. Carriers therefore have to make fewer journeys to deliver each parcel individually to buyers' homes.
What's more, it's relatively common for carriers to find nobody at home when they deliver. This means another delivery attempt and additional journeys.

An application available

An app has been specially designed by Mondial Relay's teams so that you can connect your Shopify shop quickly and easily to the delivery platform. From this application, you can print your labels, ship your orders and track your shipments in real time.

Shopify worldwide Relay: the disadvantages

Despite the many advantages of opting for delivery of your Shopify parcels via Mondial Relay, delivery via a relay point also includes some disadvantages to consider.

Relay points available depending on your geographical area.

The first disadvantage depends directly on the geographical area where you live. In fact, some regions, mainly in the provinces, do not have enough relay points where you can go to receive your parcels.
While relay point delivery should offer you greater comfort and convenience, you have to take the time to drive to the nearest relay point, which may be several dozen kilometres away. And don't forget the cost of driving there and back. While Mondial Relay Shopify delivery is theoretically cheaper than home delivery, the price is equivalent, or even higher if there are many kilometres to cover.

Restricted geographical coverage for international deliveries

Another disadvantage of the Mondial Relay delivery offer for Shopify parcels is the limited geographical coverage outside France. For the many Shopify online shops that sell globally, this is a major drawback.
Shopify parcels can only be delivered to a point relais in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. Home delivery of parcels via Mondial Relay is also possible in Austria, Italy and Austria.

Choose Happy-Post for your Shopify parcel delivery!

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Quick and easy delivery

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Cheap delivery

At Happy-Post, we are committed to offering you some of the most competitive rates on the market for shipping all your Shopify parcels in France and internationally.
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Delivery anywhere in the world

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