Mondial Relay PrestaShop: Everything you need to know about the Mondial Relay Module for Prestashop

Discover everything you need to know about the collaboration between Mondial Relay and PrestaShop, from an introduction to these two brands to the advantages and disadvantages of using the Mondial Relay module for parcel shipping from a PrestaShop store.


Mondial Relay and PrestaShop: Introduction to the Two Brands

Before diving into the specifics and presenting the pros and cons of the Mondial Relay module for PrestaShop, here's a brief introduction to these two brands.


PrestaShop: A Free Platform for Managing Online Stores

Launched in 2007, PrestaShop is a popular open-source e-commerce platform used by over 300,000 e-commerce businesses worldwide. PrestaShop enables companies to easily create and manage online stores. Built on a modular system offering a wide range of features and a user-friendly interface, PrestaShop is a favored choice for small and medium-sized businesses establishing and managing online stores.


Mondial Relay: France's Top Relayed Delivery Service

Established in 1997, Mondial Relay is a company specializing in parcel delivery in France and Europe. It offers various economical and reliable delivery solutions, including home delivery and relay point delivery. With an extensive network of over 12,000 relay points across France, Mondial Relay is the French leader in this type of delivery. Numerous individuals and businesses use Mondial Relay for swift, affordable, and secure parcel shipments.


Mondial Relay Module for PrestaShop: Easy Parcel Sending

Sending parcels using the Mondial Relay module for PrestaShop is a simple and fast solution that offers many benefits to e-commerce businesses.


Affordable Rates

The primary reason for choosing Mondial Relay for parcel delivery from a PrestaShop online selling platform is the ability to enjoy preferential rates. Mondial Relay has gained a solid reputation for its particularly attractive prices, whether the delivery is made to a relay point or the buyer's home. These advantageous rates benefit both buyers and sellers who use PrestaShop to promote and sell their products. Sellers can offer very appealing delivery fees or even provide free shipping to boost sales.


Fast and Convenient Delivery Service

Another significant advantage of the parcel delivery offered by Mondial Relay through the PrestaShop module is the speed of delivery. Thanks to its impressive network of relay points in France and certain European countries, Mondial Relay enables recipients to receive their parcels promptly. Moreover, the relay point delivery system allows recipients to enjoy added convenience. Instead of needing to be at home all day to receive a parcel, they can pick up their parcels at their convenience.


Module Installation for Your PrestaShop Online Store

To facilitate the management of Mondial Relay shipments from PrestaShop, you can install a Mondial Relay module directly on your online store. With this module, PrestaShop merchants can easily and swiftly choose between various Mondial Relay delivery options. With just a few clicks, they can also customize and print shipping labels. Of course, the module also offers real-time tracking for all deliveries.


PrestaShop Relay Parcel: Drawbacks

While Mondial Relay PrestaShop parcel delivery presents numerous advantages, it's important to mention the drawbacks and limitations of the module for e-commerce businesses.


Limited Relay Points Outside France

A major drawback of using the Mondial Relay module for PrestaShop parcel delivery is the limited geographic coverage offered outside French territory. Even though PrestaShop primarily targets smaller businesses selling locally, some of them may also sell their products worldwide. Parcel delivery through the Mondial Relay module on PrestaShop is only possible to relay points located in France, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, and Belgium. Home delivery is also available in Austria, Italy, and Germany.


Happy-Post: The Best PrestaShop Parcel Carrier

Happy-Post presents itself as a premier alternative to Mondial Relay parcel delivery from a PrestaShop store. In addition to offering a comprehensive service that includes parcel collection and delivery worldwide, the Happy-Post service is simple, secure, and fast.


Simple and Swift Delivery

With Happy-Post, parcel delivery from your PrestaShop store is straightforward and quick. As an affiliate of IMX France, a renowned platform in the international delivery field, Happy-Post provides its customers with an extensive network of international partners ensuring secure and swift deliveries across the globe. In just a few clicks, you can easily place an order, make payment, and obtain the transport label to affix to your parcel. All that's left is to drop off your parcel at the relay point of your choice or opt for home collection for even more simplicity.


Affordable Parcel Delivery Worldwide

As professionals in parcel delivery within France and internationally, we are aware that delivery costs are a major concern for e-commerce businesses. That's why we are committed to offering you affordable and flexible delivery solutions for both national and international PrestaShop parcel deliveries. Whether your parcel is destined for Canada, Brazil, China, Japan, or any other country, you can rely on affordable rates with Happy-Post. We deliver parcels worldwide!


Real-Time Parcel Tracking

Do you want a simple and quick way to track your deliveries in real-time? Nothing could be easier with Happy-Post. You can use our online parcel tracking tool to enter the desired parcel number and follow its progress in real-time.


Solutions for Individuals and Professionals

Happy-Post caters to individuals sending parcels occasionally, as well as e-commerce professionals sending significant quantities of parcels. We have developed tailored solutions that allow professionals to streamline the management of a large number of parcel deliveries. For instance:

  • Import your orders directly from your e-commerce platforms (PrestaShop, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, etc.) using Happy-Post's dedicated connectors and modules.

  • Collect parcels from your home at your desired time, with a professional Chronopost driver.

  • The Mastercolis solution lets you bundle several individual parcels into a single, large box. The Happy-Post hub then handles the shipment of all your parcels, regardless of the number of recipients or destination countries.

We offer affordable and flexible delivery solutions that adapt to all your needs.