Connect your Prestashop shop to Happy-Post with our transport module

Manage the shipment of all your prestashop orders from a single module: Happy-post

Do you sell your products online via your Prestashop e-commerce shop? Simplify the shipping of your orders by integrating Happy-Post with your prestashop store. You will be able to take advantage of the best rates for your e-commerce shipments to anywhere in the world.

You can download our module on PrestaShop addons and our merchant manual here.


Simplify your Prestashop shipments with the Happy-Post shipping module

Our prestashop module will help you simplify the shipping of your prestashop orders to all over the world.
  • Offer your customers the best delivery prices
    Delivery is the last link in the sales chain. If your shipping rates are too high, your sale may not be successful. With Happy-Post you get the best prices for shipping your parcels all over the world. The rates are also displayed in real time according to each customer order. You can finally forget about manual price lists!
  • Avoid data entry errors
    After validation, your orders go directly to your Happy-Post customer area with all the information you need to send your parcels. You will be able to manage in a few clicks the sending of your parcels to anywhere in the world.
  • Select the delivery solutions to offer to your customers
    We offer 3 delivery solutions: Tracking without signature, Tracking with signature and Express. Depending on your destination countries and your preferences, you can choose the options which fit you best.
  • Track your parcels
    After validation of your parcels from your Happy-Post customer area, we will automatically upload each parcel number and each tracking link directly into the associated Prestashop orders.
Comment fonctionne le module transport Happy-Post

How does the Happy-Post shipping module work on Prestashop?

  1. Set up the delivery solutions you want to offer to your customers on your website
  2. Configure the different options
  3. When ordering, the customer sees the real time shipping rates for the order
  4. Once the order has been placed, you can request to export the order details to Happy-Post
  5. You can pay for your different Happy-Post parcels
  6. The links and tracking numbers of the parcels are transmitted to Prestashop after the order is validated in the happy post website
All you have to do is prepare and ship your parcels !
Intégrez et connectez votre compte PrestaShop à Ha

Integrate and connect your PrestaShop account to Happy-Post

To use the module, you must first have a Happy-Post account. Registration is free and will take you less than 30 seconds; Create your account! If you are already registered, no problem, you can already use our Prestashop module.
  • Download and install the module
    You can download the prestashop module zip file. Then you just have to drag and drop this zip file directly into the space provided on Prestashop!
  • Generate your API key
    Go to your Happy-Post customer area, in the API tab to generate your API key. This key will allow you to synchronize the module with your Happy-Post account.
  • Configure the module
    Configure your pricing policy, your pick-up address, choose the shipping solutions you want to offer to your customers. Regarding the tariffs, you have the choice to apply the same tariffs as the one paid to Happy-Post or to increase or decrease the tariffs.
    To help you configure your module, download our merchant manual here!

Have a question? Contact out customer service and we will answer all your questions about Prestashop, our shipping rates or any other details.
Envoyez vos commandes Prestashop  dans le monde en

Send your Prestashop orders worldwide at the best prices

Are you looking for a simple solution to send your international orders to the United States, Europe or to other parts of the world at the best prices?

Register for free on Happy-Post and connect your shop in a few seconds to our shipping solutions, and benefit from the best prices for your parcels.

From 3,74€, you can send your parcels to the United States or elsewhere in North America, ship your orders to Asia (Japan, China, South Korea) or Europe (Germany, Spain and all the rest) and also Africa, South America, French overseas territories etc.