Compte professionnel et prélèvement

You are a professional and wish to benefit from the direct debit ? With Happy-Post, you can place your orders and ask to be debited on your company account instead of paying for each order. 

How does it work ?

You configure your packages normally and when you choose the payment you simply click on Prepayment; your order is immediately validated! Your account will be debited with the amount of your orders every 30 days. A maximum amount is fixed for 30 days, once reached, you will not be able to pay by direct debit but the payment by card remains valid.

To benefit from direct debit, follow the procedure below. The direct debit is only authorized for professional accounts, and is subject to validation by Happy-Post teams.

What is the procedure to follow?

  1. Complete and sign the documents

    Please print the following documents. You will need to read, complete and sign them:

  2. Prepare your identification documents

    Please send us the following documents:

    • a KBIS extract of your company (less than 3 months old)
    • a bank account number (in your company's name)
  3. Send us all the documents

    Once your documents have been prepared, filled in and duly signed, we invite you to send them back to us either by e-mail at for a quicker processing or by mail at the following address : 

    IMX France - Happy-Post
    110bis Avenue du Général Leclerc
    93500 PANTIN
  4. We study your request and validate your account

    Once your documents have been received and checked, we will inform you whether or not your pro-deduction account has been validated.