Avoiding scams and fraud attempts

Avoid scam attempts
and protect yourself from phishing

Happy-Post being a delivery service company, it is victim of identity theft by malicious people in order to deceive its customers or any other person selling products online.

Some bad people may try to get your personal data or banking information. Never click on an e-mail link if you don't know the origin or the address.

Be vigilant and take some precautions.


Our services

Happy-Post is a parcel shipping service for shippers.If you sell a product online, we address ourselves only to you. You will be able to create a shipping label to deliver the buyer.

Regarding the payment of the services, this one is carried out online only by credit card on our secure payment area Mercanet (system of online payment by BNP Paribas).

We do not accept payment by :
  • PCS recharge
  • Money orders
  • in cash 
  • cash by a deliveryman who would come to collect the parcel from you
  • cash on delivery 

The insurances linked to our parcels are paid upstream when you order on our website. Happy-Post will never ask you to pay for an insurance afterwards. 

Please note: in no case Happy-Post will press you to act quickly, nor will it threaten you with actions if you do not pay for the shipment of your parcel.


Recognizing our website

The URL of our site is: https://happy-post.com or https://uk.happy-post.com. The url starts with https, a protocol that protects your personal data by encrypting it. 

For payment, you will be redirected to the Mercanet payment platform (https://payment-web.mercanet.bnpparibas.net/).


Phone number

We do not use premium rate numbers or confirmation codes to send. You will never have to send an SMS to our services.

We do not have any 08 phone numbers.

If in doubt, please contact our Customer Service: serviceclient@happy-post.com or contactuk@happy-post.com (for UK users)


Recognize a fraudulent message

Our email addresses end with our domain names:

@happy-post.com or @imxpostal.com 

Our email addresses are not generic (gmail.com, hotmail.com, outlook.com, etc).

Remember to check the sender's email address. 

Note: also check the grammar and spelling mistakes in the emails.

There is never a file to download in our emails or on the links that come from our emails. 


Think you've been the victim of a scam?

Change your account password on account preferences immediately. 

Notify your bank to cancel any suspicious transactions.

You have a banking transaction “HPI* envoi de courrier” or ou "HPY* ENVOI-COURRIER”, this transaction does not come from Happy-Post but from envoi-courrier.fr.


What to do in case of doubt?

Do not reply to the e-mail or message sent to you. Remember to send it to our Customer Service.

If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service by clicking here or by sending an e-mail to serviceclient@happy-post.com or contactuk@happy-post.com (for UK users). Our team will tell you whether it is a valid Happy-Post communication or an attempted scam.