Etsy parcels: information and guide

Etsy is one of the world's most widely used online selling platforms for vintage and handmade products. E-traders using Etsy are responsible for the entire sales process, which includes delivering goods to customers.

While this is usually a burdensome task, there are solutions that make parcel delivery simple, fast and completely secure.

Find out how Happy-Post can make your life easier by taking care of the delivery of your Etsy parcels anywhere in the world.

Etsy Parcels: an online retail brand  

Founded in 2005 in the United States, Etsy is an international online marketplace specialising in the trade of unique and creative items. Whether you are a photographer, painter, vintage collector or fashion designer, Etsy makes it easy, fast and secure to sell your items around the world.

There are many advantages to using the Etsy platform to market your items:

  • Fast and free shop creation,
  • Over 90 million active buyers on the platform by 2021,
  • Quality support to help sellers promote their products,
  • Provision of effective marketing and advertising tools,
  • A one-time listing fee of €0.18 per product listing,
  • Secure environment for buyers and sellers

How to send an Etsy parcel with Happy-Post?

After you have made a sale on Etsy, you need to proceed with the shipping of your product to the buyer. It is important to follow the steps below to ensure that the shipment of your package goes smoothly.

Measure the dimensions and weight of your Etsy package

The first decisive step in sending your Etsy parcel with Happy-Post is to measure its dimensions and weight. There are, in fact, certain rules to respect:

  • The weight of the parcel is limited to 20 kg,
  • The length of the parcel must be less than 1 metre,
  • The total perimeter of the parcel (L + W + H) must be less than 1.50 metres.

In addition, the weight and dimensions of the parcel allow you to calculate the price of your shipment.

Pack your Etsy package carefully

Packing your Etsy package is an essential step. Good packaging allows you to protect the contents of your parcel during the entire transport process. In addition, careful and professional packaging helps you to reinforce your brand image to buyers.

Here are some tips on how to pack your Etsy package properly:

  • Use a new cardboard box that is strong enough to withstand the weight of the items and handling during transport,
  • Be sure to wrap fragile items in bubble wrap or kraft paper,
  • Fill the cardboard box with cushioning material (foam, bubble wrap, newspaper, etc.) to prevent the contents from shifting during transport,
  • Use strong adhesive tape to prevent the package from opening.

See our guide to packing parcels for more useful tips.

See the rates for shipping your Etsy package

Once you have packed your parcel, you need to calculate the price you will have to pay to send it to its destination.

To do this, simply access our online calculator and enter the following information:

  • The country of departure,
  • The country of arrival,
  • The weight of your Etsy parcel,
  • The dimensions of your Etsy parcel.

You will instantly get several shipping offers. All you have to do is select the one that corresponds to the delivery terms agreed with the buyer.

Posting your Etsy package

The last essential step to send your Etsy parcel is to put the postage on it. To do this, go to your Happy-Post account after validating your order in order to download the shipping label.

Then, you just have to :

  • Print the label,
  • Check the legibility of the information,
  • Carefully cut out the label, taking care not to cut into the barcodes,
  • Stick the label flat on the side of the package without obstructing the barcodes.

Sending an Etsy package internationally: beware of bans and customs rules

If you are sending your Etsy package internationally, there are some precautions you should take.

First of all, take the time to check the list of products that cannot be sent in an international package. Among these prohibitions, we can mention

  • Counterfeit goods,
  • Drugs and narcotics,
  • Firearms, ammunition, explosives and other flammable materials,
  • Products containing corrosive, toxic or radioactive materials,
  • Jewellery and precious metals,
  • etc.

It is also important to take into account the customs rules in force when sending a parcel outside the EU or to the French overseas departments and territories. Customs charges may be imposed in addition to the amount of the shipment paid to Happy-Post.

Happy-Post: the best Etsy parcel delivery service

Happy-Post is a company that specialises in the collection and delivery of parcels all over the world. As an e-tailer who uses Etsy to market your products, you can enjoy many benefits by working with Happy-Post.

Fast and easy delivery of Etsy packages worldwide

Happy-Post aims to make sending parcels quick and easy by simplifying the procedures as much as possible. Whether you want to send an Etsy parcel to France or to a country outside the European Union, Happy-Post does everything possible to make your life easier.

Thanks to its network of international partners specialised in transport and logistics, Happy-Post offers a simple, fast and secure delivery solution to over 200 countries!

Cheap parcel delivery

By entrusting Happy-Post with the delivery of your Etsy parcels, you are guaranteed to benefit from some of the lowest competitive rates on the market. Thanks to these affordable rates, you can boost your sales by offering part or all of the delivery costs to your Etsy customers.

MasterColis: the Happy-Post offer dedicated to e-traders

MasterColis is a Happy-Post service especially designed for e-traders who send several parcels to different destinations.

In concrete terms, the MasterColis solution allows you to group together several individual parcels in a single large box to be dropped off at a relay. The Happy-Post hub then takes care of the shipment of each parcel, regardless of its destination.

This solution is particularly advantageous if you are an e-tailer who uses Etsy as it allows you to reduce your costs and delivery times.