Everything You Need to Know About Sending Large Packages

Delivering oversized or particularly heavy goods can be a real logistical challenge. In addition to considering the weight and dimensions of the package, it is crucial to pay special attention to its packaging to ensure it arrives at its destination without any issues.

Learn everything you need to know to ensure the safe sending of your large packages.


Some Practical Tips for Sending a Large Package

Here are some practical tips to follow to ensure the safe sending of your large package.


Check Restrictions on Dimensions and Weight

Restrictions on package dimensions and weight vary depending on the carriers. It is important to check these and choose a carrier that allows you to send your large package.

Here are the restrictions imposed by some carriers:


Maximum Weight

Maximum Perimeter

Maximum Length

Mondial Relay

30 kg

150 cm

120 cm


30 kg

200 cm



30 kg

300 cm

150 cm


70 kg

400 cm

274 cm


30 kg

220 cm

150 cm


It's worth checking if it's possible to disassemble some oversized items that exceed the maximum allowed dimensions. It is also recommended not to overload by putting too many items in a single box. It's better to distribute the items in several smaller packages.


Properly Pack and Prepare a Bulky Package

To ensure the safety of your large packages during transportation, whether they contain fragile items or not, careful preparation is required. Here are some tips for packing a bulky package properly:

  • Opt for sturdy packaging that fits the dimensions, weight, and nature of the items to be shipped,
  • Wrap each item in individual packaging (bubble wrap, specific containers, etc.) to prevent any damage during transportation,
  • Minimize empty spaces using suitable cushioning (bubble wrap, air cushions, reinforced interior compartments, packing peanuts, etc.) to prevent items from moving in the package,
  • Seal the package carefully with wide and sturdy adhesive tape, focusing on the closure areas and more vulnerable areas.

Subscribe to Specific Insurance

Another important tip for sending large packages is to subscribe to optional insurance that covers the damage or loss of transported goods. This is especially important if the goods are valuable.

Most carriers offer this type of insurance and allow you to cover your goods up to €5,000 per package.

Without such insurance, the carrier is only obligated to pay compensation for loss or damage limited to:

  • €23 per kg with a maximum of €345 per item for domestic shipments,
  • €12 per kg with a maximum of €180 per item for international shipments.

Benefits of Having a Specialized Carrier Deliver a Bulky Package

Sending a large package through a specialized transportation company comes with several advantages.


Added Comfort, Convenience, and Safety

By using the services of a carrier specialized in sending large packages, you avoid the hassles associated with transporting and moving heavy and bulky items.

In addition to saving valuable time, you avoid significant physical efforts that can sometimes lead to injuries. Professional carriers have specific equipment that allows them to handle and transport heavy and bulky items safely, reducing the risk of damage.


The Ability to Track the Package's Progress

Most carriers allow you to track the progress of your package in real-time. This way, you can know where your package is in transit and estimate the approximate delivery time to its final destination.


Cost Savings

Although using a transportation company comes at a cost, it is generally more economical to entrust the delivery to a professional than to do it yourself. You need to consider fuel costs, the rental of a utility vehicle, and potential damages during the handling of the large package.


Happy Post: The Best Carrier for Large Packages

Happy-Post offers a simple, fast, and cost-effective delivery service for sending your large packages in France and worldwide.


Restrictions on the Dimensions and Weight of Your Large Packages

Happy-Post can handle the collection and delivery of your large packages as long as these three rules are followed:

  • The weight of your package must be less than or equal to 20 kg,
  • The perimeter of your package (length + height + width) must be less than 150 cm,
  • The length of your package must be less than 100 cm.

Advantages of Entrusting the Sending of Your Large Packages to Happy-Post

Among the many advantages of entrusting the sending of your large packages to Happy-Post, we can mention:

  • The ability to send your packages to France and more than 200 countries worldwide,
  • Various and varied delivery solutions that meet the expectations and budgets of individuals and professionals,
  • A simple and fast sending process in just a few clicks,
  • Real-time tracking of all your packages from the Happy-Post package tracking page,
  • Solutions specifically designed to simplify the lives of e-commerce businesses,
  • Some of the lowest rates on the market,
  • Etc.