Mondial Relay WooCommerce: Partnership explained

Find out all you need to know about the Mondial Relay WooCommerce collaboration, from the presentation of the two brands to the advantages of integrating Mondial Relay delivery services into your WooCommerce online shop.
We also present the many advantages of the Happy-Post solution for delivering your parcels from WooCommerce.

Mondial Relay and WooCommerce: presentation of the brands

Before presenting the advantages of the Mondial Relay WooCommerce partnership, it's important to know more about these two brands.

Introduction to the delivery company Mondial Relay

Mondial Relay is a French company specialising in parcel delivery in France and Europe. Although relay point delivery is Mondial Relay's strong point, private individuals and professionals can also take advantage of locker or home delivery solutions.
With more than 12,000 relay points in France and 129,000 e-merchants who regularly use its services, Mondial Relay is unquestionably one of the leaders in its market.

Introduction to the WooCommerce plugin

WooCommerce is a free WordPress extension. It allows e-tailers to quickly and easily integrate all the tools and functionalities required to effectively manage an online sales shop.
Used by more than 25% of online sales businesses in France, the WooCommerce extension is now a must-have brand.

Why install Mondial Relay on your WooCommerce shop?

Parcel delivery with Mondial Relay from a WooCommerce shop is a solution that includes many advantages for e-tailers, but also for buyers.

Favourable prices

The first advantage of Mondial Relay for shipping parcels from a WooCommerce shop is the advantageous pricing offered. Mondial Relay is, in fact, renowned for its particularly attractive prices, both for delivery to relay points and for home parcel delivery.
WooCommerce sellers can therefore offer their customers attractive delivery charges, or even opt for free delivery on certain products. Offering delivery is one of the most effective strategies for convincing buyers to complete an online purchase.

A large network of relay points

A second advantage of the parcel delivery offer proposed by Mondial Relay is the very large network of relay points that the company has developed throughout France and Europe. In France, the network consists of more than 12,000 relay points and 3,000 lockers where parcels can be dropped off and collected.
This means that people can receive their parcels quickly, but also avoid having to travel many kilometres. They can also choose the relay point that suits them best, whether it's close to their home or their place of work.

The official "Mondial Relay - InPost" extension to manage all deliveries

It is possible to manage all Mondial Relay shipments in WooCommerce quickly and easily thanks to the official WordPress extension "Mondial Relay - InPost".

This allows e-tailers to :
  • Set delivery rates for their WooCommerce shop,
  • Print shipping labels directly in WordPress,
  • Generate large quantities of deliveries,
  • Monitor parcel delivery in real time,
  • etc.

However, the extension is not free. You have to pay €65.80 excluding VAT for the first year of use, then €32.90 excluding VAT for subsequent years.

How do I set up Mondial Relay on WooCommerce?

To set up Mondial Relay on WooCommerce, you need to install and configure the Mondial Relay - Inpost extension for WordPress.
 Here are the steps to follow to install the Mondial Relay plugin on your WooCommerce shop:
  1. If you don't already have a professional account with Mondial Relay, sign up for a professional contract via the company's official website,
  2. Download the Mondial Relay plugin for WordPress in zip format,
  3. Install the plugin from the administration of your WordPress site by going to the "Extensions" menu and clicking on the "Add" button,
  4. Click on the "Upload an extension" button, select the zip file for the extension and proceed with the installation,
  5. Then click on the "Activate extension" button to complete the installation.
The official Mondial Realy - InPost extension is installed and activated on your WooCommerce shop.

Happy-Post, the most reliable solution for delivering your parcels 

Happy-Post is a company specialising in the collection and delivery of parcels in France and internationally. Reliability, speed and simplicity: Happy-Post offers you a complete solution that meets the needs of private individuals, SMEs and e-retailers.

Quick and easy delivery

Delivering your parcels from your WooCommerce shop is quick and easy thanks to Happy-Post's service. A brand of international delivery platform IMX France, Happy-Post has a powerful network of international partners that enables safe and fast deliveries worldwide.
In just a few clicks, you can place an order, pay for it and print the shipping label to affix to your parcel. Then all you have to do is drop your parcels off at a relay point or opt for home collection for added convenience.


Cheap parcel delivery

At Happy-Post, we know that delivery costs are one of the main concerns of e-commerce companies. As a result, we take care to offer you some of the lowest rates on the market.
You can also customise your deliveries by choosing the options that meet your customers' expectations and your budget constraints. For example, you can opt for our Premium delivery service for faster delivery.

Delivery anywhere in the world

Whether you want to send a gift to your expatriate aunt in Canada or ship your products to customers in Brazil, Happy-Post allows you to deliver your parcels in France, Europe and anywhere in the world.
What's more, our price offer remains ultra-competitive regardless of the destination country.

Track your parcel

Tracking all your WooCommerce parcel deliveries through Happy-Post couldn't be easier! Simply go to our Parcel Tracking page and enter the parcel number to track its delivery in real time.

Solutions specially designed for professionals

To meet the specific expectations of our business customers, who have to manage a large number of deliveries, we have developed several solutions:
  • Importing orders directly from e-commerce platforms,
  • Collection of parcels at the most convenient address and time by a Chronopost driver,
  • Grouping several individual parcels into a single box using our Mastercolis solution. Our hub handles the shipment of each parcel, regardless of the number of recipients or destination countries.