Your loyalty Cashback

Do you regularly send parcels to your customers? With Happy-Post you can already enjoy the lowest rates for your shipments all over the world. Now we reward your loyalty! The more parcels you ship internationally or in France, the more you save on your next shipments thanks to our loyalty cashback program. Discover our loyalty program now.


We reward your loyalty

The satisfaction of our customers is a priority and it is imporant to us to support you the best way with the expedition of your orders. That's why we have decided to offer a loyalty program to our customers with the Professional or Self-Employed status. With each purchase you make on Happy-Post, you increase your loyalty cashback.
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Collecting your Cashback is easy

Nothing could be simpler; you don't change anything in your habits, you continue to ship your parcels with Happy-Post; we take care of the rest. Remember: the more you trust for shipping your parcels, the more discounts you will accumulate. Once your Loyalty Counter is credited with your discount, you have until the last day of the month to spend it.

Check you Loyalty Counter

Cashbacks that increase according to your purchases

Every 1st day of the month, we analyze your shipments from the previous month. Depending on the amount paid (excluding taxes and discounts) and our spending levels, we credit your Loyalty Counter with a percentage of your spending (according to the table below). The more packages you ship, the more your counter will grow.

Monthly purchase range
% cashback returned
0 to 100€ 0%
101 to 300€ 1%
301 to 400€ 1.5%
401 to 500€ 2%
501 to 700€ 3%
701 to 1000€ 4%
1001€ and + 5%

Last update : 01/07/2021
*This grid can be updated each month before the 5th to define the percentage of cashback given the following month.


How does the Loyalty Cashback work?

  1. Cashbacks are calculated according to the amount of your purchases of the previous month, excluding taxes and discounts.
  2. We give you a cashback percentage, depending on your purchase level.
  3. Every 1st day of the month, your Loyalty Counter is credited. The remaining unused portion from the previous month will be reset to 0.
  4. You can then use your Cashback during the month.

Example: You spent €450 in July. According to our discount tier, you will be entitled to a 2% discount. We will credit 9 € on your Loyalty Counter, on August 1st. You can then use the discount from August 1st to August 31st. On September 1st, a new amount will be calculated based on your August purchase amount.


  • When does the Loyalty programm start ?
    The Loyalty program is implemented on July 1, 2021. The first Loyalty Cashbackwill be credited to customers' accounts on August 1st 2021 (based on July purchases).
  • How do I get into the Happy-Post loyalty program?
    If you have the status Professional or Self-Employed you are automatically included in the Loyalty program. Customers with the status of Individuals cannot benefit from the program. In your Customer area on, if you see the tab "Loyalty Counter" it means that you are already part of the program.
  • I don't use my loyalty Counter in the current month, can I request a carry over?
    No. Your Counter is credited on the 1st of each month and you have until the last day of the month to use it. After this time, your Cashback will be permanently lost.
  • I request a refund of my order, will my Counter be credited again?
    In the case of a cancellation of a service paid in part or in full by the Loyalty Counter, the part of the Loyalty Cashback refunded will be credited to the Loyalty Counter only if the cancellation occurs within the month of the payment of the initial service. If the Customer requests the cancellation of the service at least one month after the payment of the initial service, the Loyalty Cashback will not be credited back to the Loyalty Counter. In this case, the Customer will not be able to claim the part that has not been credited back.   
  • Can I pay for everything with my Loyalty Counter?
    You can only pay for Parcels. It is not possible to use the Loyalty Counter for paying Additional Invoices or Parcel Adjustments.
  • Do all my purchases qualify as the basis for calculation?
    Only the purchase of a parcel is eligible for the Loyalty Cashback calculation. We take the amount before taxes and net of any discounts as calculation basis.

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