Lost Parcel: Understanding and Managing the Issue

As an e-merchant, you have likely encountered the loss of a parcel during transit. While this remains relatively rare, it is an event that can have particularly detrimental consequences on your brand image.

Learn about the most common causes of parcel loss, precautions to prevent it, and the available remedies for compensation in case of a lost parcel.

The Most Common Causes of Parcel Loss

Several situations can lead to the loss of a parcel during delivery. Among the most common causes of lost parcels, we can mention:

Logistical Errors: Occasionally, logistical errors, such as sorting issues or incorrectly scanned labels, can occur during delivery and result in the loss of the parcel by the transport company.

Theft: Parcels can be stolen during transport or when left in front of the recipient's house.


Address and Labeling Errors: An incorrect or incomplete address can lead to the delivery of the parcel to the wrong location. Additionally, a poorly affixed shipping label with essential information hidden can also lead to parcel loss.


Consequences of a Lost Parcel

As a professional in online commerce, a lost parcel can have particularly adverse repercussions on your business activities.

Customer Dissatisfaction

Whether you are directly responsible for the parcel's loss or not, a lost parcel automatically leads to customer dissatisfaction. Besides the fact that the customer will likely no longer use your services, they may share their dissatisfaction online, harming your reputation.

Direct Financial Losses

A lost parcel can also result in direct financial losses related to reimbursing the lost product to your customer. It may also be necessary to send a replacement parcel to satisfy your customer, not to mention the potential shipping costs for the initial parcel.

Loss of Time and Energy

Handling claims related to lost parcels can require a significant amount of time and energy that could be allocated to other activities, such as developing your business offering.

Precautions to Prevent Parcel Loss

The consequences of parcel loss can significantly impact the business performance of your e-commerce activities. It is, therefore, essential to take certain precautions to prevent parcel loss.

Carefully Pack Your Parcels

Choosing appropriate packaging is essential to prevent parcel loss. Here are some tips for quality packaging:

  • Select a sturdy box in the right dimensions to prevent tearing during transport,
  • Wrap each item individually to prevent breakage or any item from damaging the box during transport,
  • Fill empty spaces with cushioning materials (bubble wrap, air cushions, Styrofoam beads, etc.) to prevent items from moving in the parcel and reduce the impact of external shocks,
  • Reinforce your parcel with adhesive tape to prevent it from opening during transport.

Check and Properly Attach Transport Labels

Before printing your transport label, double-check that the customer's information is correct.

Next, print the label and ensure that the shipping information and barcode are perfectly readable. Carefully cut it and attach it flat to the side of the parcel, making sure not to cover the barcode.

Choose a Reliable Carrier

Choosing a reliable carrier, such as Happy-Post, is another essential precaution to prevent parcel loss.

Happy-Post exclusively works with transport and logistics specialists to guarantee fast and reliable delivery of all your parcels in France and around the world. Additionally, you can track the progress of your parcel's delivery in real-time. Simply enter your parcel's number on the Happy-Post parcel tracking page to check its location.

Subscribe to Insurance

There are shipping insurances that allow you to protect yourself in case of lost, damaged, or destroyed parcels during delivery. These insurances are particularly useful for shipping high-value parcels.

Many carriers offer optional insurance in their delivery services to enable you to recover the value of the lost or damaged parcel. This way, you can quickly reimburse your customer or send a new parcel without suffering financial harm.

Lost Parcel: Who is Responsible and What Are the Available Remedies?

Discover who is responsible in case of a lost parcel and the available remedies for the seller and the buyer.

The Seller is Responsible for the Lost Parcel

When a customer makes an online purchase, the responsibility for delivering the product to the specified address lies with the seller. Whether the seller handles the delivery themselves or entrusts it to a carrier, they remain responsible for the proper receipt of the parcel by the customer.

In other words, the customer whose parcel is lost can request the termination of the sales contract and demand a refund from the seller within 14 days of their request.

Carrier's Responsibility in Case of a Lost Parcel

If the seller has engaged a third party for parcel delivery, they can, in turn, turn to them in case of a lost parcel.

If the carrier is responsible for the parcel's loss, the seller can request compensation, which is financially limited by several national and international standards:

National: €23 per kg with a maximum of €345 per item.

International: €12 per kg with a maximum of €180 per item.

It is, therefore, highly recommended to take out additional insurance for high-value shipments to obtain full reimbursement of the value of the goods.