How to Send a Parcel Without Using the Post Office: Solutions

In a world where speed and efficiency are crucial, sending parcels without using the post office provides a convenient alternative more suited to specific needs. Whether you're seeking faster shipping options, competitive rates, or simply a more personalized shipping experience, various solutions are available.

Different Methods for Sending Parcels Without Using the Post Office

In this article, we'll delve into how to send a parcel without using the post office, highlighting different methods and available providers.

Private Delivery Services

Private delivery companies such as FedEx, DHL, and UPS are major players in the parcel delivery market. They offer a range of national and international services, with real-time tracking options and fast delivery times. While these services may sometimes be more expensive than postal services, they often provide superior reliability and speed.

Courier Services

Courier services also offer parcel shipping solutions. These companies may provide a range of more personalized services tailored to the specific needs of shippers. They can be particularly useful for fragile, high-value, or special handling shipments.

Regional or Local Carriers

In many regions, regional or local transport companies offer parcel shipping services. They may offer competitive rates for local or regional shipments, as well as greater flexibility in terms of pickup and delivery options.

Third-party Parcel Delivery

Third-party parcel delivery platforms operate on the model of connecting shippers with third-party carriers. These services can offer a greater variety of shipping options and competitive rates by leveraging the capabilities of various carriers.

Courier Services

For local or urgent shipments, courier services can also be an ideal solution. They offer fast and often personalized door-to-door delivery, making them a perfect choice for businesses and individuals requiring quick and secure delivery.


For online businesses, dropshipping is an interesting option for parcel shipping. With dropshipping, the supplier ships the product directly to the end customer, eliminating the need for the seller to ship the parcel themselves.

Sending a parcel without using the post office offers a multitude of options tailored to different needs and budgets. Whether you're looking for speed, reliability, or competitive rates, there's a solution for every situation. By exploring the different available options, you can find the best solution for your parcel shipping needs.

How to Send a Parcel Without Using the Post Office: Simplify Your Shipping Experience with Happy-Post!

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Ease of Use

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Happy-Post also offers Colissimo, an offer belonging to La Poste with negotiated prices!

Happy-Post offers the Colissimo option, a La Poste offer, at negotiated preferential rates. Colissimo, La Poste's national and international parcel delivery service, is available at advantageous prices via Happy-Post through a partnership. This collaboration allows customers to benefit from reduced rates on Colissimo shipments. In addition to savings, Happy-Post offers additional benefits, including comprehensive parcel tracking, express deliveries, user-friendly shipping interface, and responsive and quality customer service.