Etsy Connector: Simplify and Secure Order Management

What is our Etsy Connector?

Our Etsy connector is a shipping interface designed for sellers on the Etsy platform. It allows you to offer international delivery to your customers with ease. With this solution, you can expand your market by shipping your products to international destinations in just a few clicks.

With our Etsy connector, you benefit from seamless integration between your Etsy store and our shipping management system. As soon as a customer places an order on your store, all relevant shipping information is automatically transmitted to Happy-Post. No need to manually enter the details of each order, save time, and avoid errors with our automated process.


How Does the Happy-Post Etsy Connector Work?

The process is easy and transparent. Once you have set up your Etsy store with our connector, whenever an order is placed on your Etsy store, the shipping details are automatically transmitted to Happy-Post. You then need to visit your Happy-Post account and import your orders from your "E-commerce Stores" space, "Orders to Process," and "Sync Orders."

Easy Integration: Connect your Etsy store to your Happy-Post account and click our import button instead of manually entering your customer's information.

Quick Order Processing: When a customer places an order on your Etsy store, order details, including the delivery address, are automatically transmitted to Happy-Post during synchronization. Once your order is ready, you can download the labels and attach them to your packages. All that's left is to drop off your packages at a pick-up point or wait for a carrier to collect them at home, depending on the option you have chosen.

Verification Hub: Once the packages arrive at our verification hub in Pantin, our logistics specialists meticulously check the dimensions and weight of each package. We ensure that everything is in order for a smooth shipment.

Reliable Shipping: Once the packages are ready, we transport them to their final destination! You can track every step of the delivery in real-time on our tracking page.


The Benefits of Our Etsy Connector

Simplified International Delivery: With our Etsy connector, you can expand your market worldwide without logistical worries. We take care of shipping, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Trusted Shipping Partners: Happy-Post collaborates with renowned partners such as Mondial Relay, Colis Privé, and Chronopost. You can be assured that your packages are in good hands.

Real-Time Package Tracking: Stay informed about the status of your shipments with our real-time tracking system. Your customers will also be reassured by knowing where their package is during the delivery process.

Speed and Reliability: We understand the importance of fast and secure delivery. With Happy-Post, your international packages will arrive at their destination on time and in perfect condition.


Why Choose Happy-Post for Your Etsy Shipments?

At Happy-Post, we understand the importance of delivery in your customers' shopping experience. That's why we strive to provide top-notch international shipping service with a focus on reliability, speed, and customer satisfaction. Our Etsy connector is the key to simplifying your international shipments and allowing you to focus on growing your Etsy business with peace of mind. Trust in our expertise and commitment to logistics excellence for tangible results and satisfied customers around the globe.


Find Our Tutorials on YouTube

If you now want to connect your Etsy store to our Happy-Post site, you can follow the link below to follow the steps of our videos that will help you connect your store.