DDP UK Solution - information note to Happy-Post customers

You wish to hand over your parcels to Happy-Post for delivery to their recipients in the United Kingdom under the DDP incoterm (Delivered Duties Paid). This means that your recipients will not have to pay any taxes when they receive the package.

Who is the DDP offer for ?

This offer is only available to professionals:
Once you have submitted your EORI and UK VAT number, our team will perform a verification process to validate your account. Until validation has taken place, you will not be able to take advantage of this offer.

For which type of packages is this offer reserved ?

This offer is valid for all packages with a value of less than £135. You will have to declare the contents of the parcels you hand over to Happy-Postet specifying the customs codes. You make sure that their contents are authorized for import to the UK and take responsibility for these declarations. Attention: some customs codes are not allowed - see the list.

Please note: your commercial invoice must be identical in every respect. This means that the amounts on your invoice must correspond to your declaration on Happy-Post at the time of your order. 

Do I have to declare and pay VAT? To whom?

Yes, the VAT "supply" (due at the moment of the sale): It concerns all sales with a value of less than £135. It is declared and paid by you directly to HMRC.