Additional fees

When you ship your parcel, restrictions may apply to the size or weight of your parcel, as well as to the postal codes where your parcel are collected or delivered. In these cases, additional fees may be applied.

We explain why you may receive a surcharge and what you should pay attention to when shipping with Chronopost.

Picking up or dropping off your parcel in the Chronopost network

Some postal codes in Metropolitan France are classified as "Hard to reach areas" by Chronopost. Thus additional charges are applied in addition to the rates displayed by Happy-Post. You will find below the list of concerned postal codes. 

The list of difficult to access areas is available on the Chronospost website by following this link:
See the list of concerned postal codes

Tariff surcharges Spain

A surcharge of 100€ is applied for the zip codes of the Canary Islands. To avoid this surcharge, please modify your search with the country " ILES CANARIES (ESPAGNE)".