Les avantages Happy-Post

With Happy-Post, the delivery of your parcels becomes simple and inexpensive. For your parcels to be sent all over the world, you have the choice among several delivery solutions (fast, economical, delivery at a relay …) with prices adapted to each need. In a few clicks, you choose you delivery solution, indicate the departure and destination addresses and confirm your order. You print your transport documents and go!
livraison dans le monde entier

Send your parcels anywhere in the world, it's possible

Do you want to send a parcel internationally? No problem. With Happy-Post, you can send your parcels anywhere in the world and even to France! Are you an e-merchant and want to send your orders to your customers internationally? Or are you an individual and you want to send a parcel to your family in France or elsewhere in the world? We have a delivery solution for you in over 200 countries! Remember to consult our tips for properly preparing your parcels and our rules to follow for sending your parcels.
camion de livraison

Find the most suitable delivery solution at the best cost

For each of your parcels, you can choose the most suitable delivery solution. Send a parcel quickly, choose instead a relay delivery or send your parcel with a home delivery with signature ... everything is possible with Happy-Post. You will always find a delivery solution that meets your expectations and your budget. Estimate your shipping costs.
livraison à domicile colis

Simplify the sending of your parcels

With just one order and a few clicks, you can send parcels to Europe, Asia, and anywhere in the world! As soon as you drop off your parcels, we make your job easier. You can either drop off your parcels at a relay merchant near you or ask for a home collection. In this case a driver will pick up your parcels directly from you! Do you have several parcels to send? Discover our MasterColis solution to save money or reduce your parcel delivery times. Send a parcel now.
plusieurs colis

Track your parcels in real time

You can follow the progress of the delivery of your parcel in real time. Go to our Parcel Tracking page, type in the parcel number and view the steps for your parcel from pick-up to delivery. Tip: you can send the parcel number to your recipients, your customers or your relatives, and invite them to follow it on our site. We will tell you directly if your parcel suffers from a delay in delivery or an address problem.